I have an opportunity to buy a 2018 car for $23000 with 39000 that was used as a rental, is it a good idea?


Been There, Done That.

For MY money, it depends on the make and model of the car. if it's a Chrysler product, I wouldn't touch it. A Lexus, go for it.


You can buy a BRAND NEW Toyota Camry or Honda Accord ( or many other cars) for that price


what's the car?

Jay P

Which vehicle? If it's a car you can buy new for $24,000, it's a crappy deal. But if that same vehicle cannot be had for under $30K brand new, it may be a good deal.


That is an awful lot of money for a former rental with 39K miles, no matter what model. Rentals are not necessarily even the same as the same model not built for fleet use. See the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUinYdOvKeU


What's the list price of the car? What do similar mileage cars of the same make and model sell for at car dealerships? When I worked for a car rental company, long ago, all the car rental places were really good about maintenance, better than typical owners. When those cars were due for oil changes or tire rotation, they got it. This made our low-mileage fleet a good deal, since we wanted our cars always to appear to be new.


Run the kbb value on it to see. Rentals can be a good buy, especially if the dealership will certify them.

Rick B

No idea. What kind of car??????? What is the blue book value on it????? What condition????? How much warranty is left??? Is this a Cadillac Escalade or a Ford Focus???? That is kind of like saying, I could buy a house for $185,000 is that a good deal?


Depends on the type of car it is.Or make.


Depends on the make/model of car However 39000 on a 1 year old car is high mileage


Sure . Factory warranties are still in effect. How did you find out it was a rental? It took me years to find that out...and excessive mileage to determine it was not a 1 owner car. As for problems. Had none.


Rental cars are maintained well. But its still a lot of money.

A Hunch

What's the warranty...


Never buy a rental car. They are very often abused.


it is if you want it


not to mee, way too much mileage for 1 year




Many renters try hard to destroy a rental car. Don't ask me why but they do. So I would never buy one.


Probably not, or they'd keep it to rent out.