If a car has an estimated value of $2900, how much does it worth?



You might need to go back to freshman English. A car is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. The estimated value is just that, an estimate.


It is worth just exactly what someone with cash in his pocket is willing to pay for it, and not a penny more.


It "does" worth $2900...to someone.


That depends upon the purpose of the valuation. If it’s for insurance then the value is estimated to be on the high side: typically around retail value. If it’s for probate purposes it will be low, typically a little below typical wholesale public auction values. Or the value could be at retail price, which is the typical price a car dealer would get for it. But what the car is worth is even simpler: it is whatever someone will pay for it if offered for immediate sale. So “value” and “worth” are not always the same.


value and worth are the same thing. Now, what someone will pay, that is a separate question. Its value to you might be a lot more than $2900 but that isn't always a general idea of how others would view its worth for them. Estimated value means that cars of that model with similar characteristics (mileage, age, features) are selling at about $2900 on average. That means that your car probably would sell for about that amount, depending on condition and color and other little things that make people want or not want a particular specific car.

John Alden

What someone is willing to pay for it.


"I" don't want it, so to me it is worth NOTHING. You got to find willing BUYERS. So estimated value also means NOTHING if no one wants it.



Steven S

The value is what it is worth.


Here's a clue. $2900.