Is a 2013 Hyundai Veloster turbo a good reliable car?

I’m looking to get my second car I ever had to last through the rest of college and start my own business. I want something that’s fast but also reliable. I saw this car for sale and I’m thinking about getting it. I seen a lot of good and bad reviews from the reliability stand point. It’s like a moisture of good and just flat out terrible. Can someone give me some good advice on it? Should I get the car or stay away?


With all things being equal the Veloster is initially a very good quality and reliable vehicle. However, if this particular Veloster is or not will entirely depend on how well and properly the previous owner serviced and maintained the Hyundai over the last 6 years. Can the seller show you full and complete proof of all service and maintenance receipts? If they can it has huge potential. If they can't it would be a high risk purchase.

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at 2013 its an early one ...2015 would have been better ..mechanically ok ...funny layout ..1 door drivers side ..two passenger side


It' a machine and like any machine, how reliable it is comes down to how it is/has been treated. It may also be a Friday afternoon/deadline special... Hyundai have a generally good rep. They are not excessively complex like European cars, and perhaps not quite the level of good Japanese brands. If it has a good service history and looks clean, then worth a shot.