Is it possible to buy a car that is not marketed in the US?

I own a Subaru / Forester, I'm thinking of changing SUVs, but no SUV marketed in the US interested me, but I really liked Ford / Everest, is it possible to buy this SUV coming from another country?


Buy is relatively easy, importing for display , offroad not much more paperwork. Legal license and drive on public way can be very difficult. Bumper and safety standard and the emissions certificate are big problem. HOWEVER, many other markets have similar to USA safety and emissions laws plus reciprocity trad agreements- Canadian market has about same standards as most USA states except Kalifornicatia. EU market is fairly close also- military personnel vehicle from Germany with appropriate equipment relatively easy to import, license except again California. a Ford Dealer MIGHT be able to get special order vehicle from outside USA setup to pass inspections, cerificate for engine on emmissions. At old Jeep dealer that imported Renault a Peugeot 304 was imported and certified, inspected to get Illinois license plate - took a bit of carb parts juggling but was legal for owner to drive afterwards. Ford Rangers haven't been sold in US market for few years now- but the equivelant model from other markets was available on special order from local Ford dealer 2 years back, special order and about a month wait, some engine restrictions- might have been Canadian or Mexican made/marketed. Right hand drive available on couple of cars/pickups for delivery special, rural post office workers. Cost of special order may vary- see Ford dealer.


Anything's possible, if you're willing to spend enough money on this.

Barkley Hound

It would have to be modified to meet the smog requirements of the state you live in.


Brand new? No. Used, yes, with some restrictions, but it would cost far more to get it here than it would be worth expending the effort on.