My car is on its last legs should i trade it in for a new car or get another beater car?

I have $5000 which i can put a down payment on. Or should i get another beater car for $5000? the transmission is slipping on my dodge neon and it will cost more to fix then the car is worth.


Sell that piece of crap Dodge you should have never bought in the first place and then buy a Honda or Toyota for the money you have on hand.


A used transmission from the wreckers is a couple hundred bucks, plus same to fit.


Change the transmission fluid and the filter if you can get to it. The fluid loses it's viscosity over time which leads to slip.

Robert M

TRY ANOTHER SHOP for the tranny! IT MAY only need as FLUID and FILTER service for about $250 or so; or LESS! IT is EXPECTED to have this done at about 80,000 miles! Do NOT use ANYTHING but the CHRYSLER ATF in there and THEN use the German made one if you can find it! It will be MORE PURE! ALL fluis lose their friction coefficients after time! FRESH fluid change including the DRAIN of the CONVERTER< will usually RESTORE the trans to SHOWROOM NEW. I have done it>>>>TRUST ME>>>> The ATF4 is VERY close to PENTSOIN used in Germana ndother EUROPEAN cars! It is MORE slippery than dexxron! IT will PENETRATE farther! I would KEEP the NEON if it still FEELS and LLOKS good! OIR go to CARS.COM or CARGURUS for EL CHEAPO cars and SAVE YOUR MONEY! There are BMW used cars for about $4000 on CARGURUS and many high mileage HONDA and TOYOTA and even FORDS for 41000 or so on! GOOD LUCK either way.


Sadly your Dodge needs to go to that great caryard in the sky, but you should be able to find a pretty good low milage car for $5000


Compare the price of a used transmission. New cars are very expensive and a bad deal. When I bought my last car, I paid about $9000 cash for a nearly but not quite yet 5 year old car. (From the date it was sold) It had a few months of the factory power train warranty left on it. I never needed it. I found a deal near wholesale from Drove an hour to see it, did not even get a test drive, some cop let me ride as he drove it around the block. I knew 2 tires needed to be replaced, it turned out all 4 were bad as they were screwed up from sitting so long and they made a noise that originally thought was a wheel bearing. The car had low milage, 46,000 from sitting for over a year after being confiscated in a drug seizure.

AlCapone: Three options

Three options: 1) Fix the car you have, if it doesn't cost more than about $2000, and forget what the car's worth; 2) Buy a used car, but $5000 is not much and might simply get you more problems -- or you could get lucky and get a decent car for that price; 3) Buy a better car for, say $10,000-$12,000, and use the $5000 as down payment, knowing that you'll be making payments for a while.


Lets see, my beater car cost $400.00 With that I drove it to 800,000 miles(meaning a lot of years) Never had to replace the clutch(it was standard transmission) So there are good beaters and others that will just get to your house and DIE. You got to shop carefully. Most of my beater last over 5 years and then I resell it and buy something else. I never get to on last legs...situation. as the car is worthless. . Why not check at auto salvage yards and see how much for another transmission. Maybe it is low price and you install it and your car will go for awhile longer cheaper.

Anonymous: 5 grand is Not a

5 grand is Not a :"beater". Shop Around. U can get deals or tow aways for $650 or a bit more. Five thousand should get U a Great, used car. I'd do as other s said; go lo ball and have tranny pro serviced. $75. If no go, then, look for a Toyota or something. Even a Cobalt.


Don't buy another "old beater" car - you'll just be exchanging one problem for another. Go to a new car dealership and trade in your old car on a 4- or 5-year-old used car, or even a new car. The dealer will allow a couple of bucks for your present car, and you can use the $5000 as the rest of your down payment on a better car. Most finance companies will finance a 4-year-old used car for up to 60 months. You'll pay more in interest over the term of the loan, but the longer you finance it, the smaller your monthly payments will be - if you want to look at from that standpoint. If you decide to finance a car, be sure to buy GAP insurance for the term of the loan. Ask the dealer about it. The cost of GAP insurance can be included in the total amount you finance, if you want.


Buy a brand new Toyota Yaris or Honda Fit with the Neon as a trade in. Life is too short to spend time driving clunkers. Open a brokerage account and invest your $5000 in Google and Microsoft stock.


Ask your mommy. She knows you better than WE do.

Andy C

Beater cars are a complete gamble. Trucks tend to last longer. A new car means $500/mo. Your call.