My father is thinking about selling his suv and offered it to me half off. Would I be wrong to buy it and sell it at his original price?

Would you think the average father would get his feelings hurt or something? My father gets hurt about things and tries to hide it but ends up lashing out later on.


Don’t do that to your dad. He’s not offering it to you so you can make money, he’s offering it for you to own. It would be very disrespectful to sell it for a profit.


If your Father is giving you a deal to help you with transportation He's probably aware that he's not getting as much money as he could get if selling it to someone else.Reselling it is going to cause you more trouble then it's worth. Tell him thanks for the deal or if you don't want to drive it let him know you may want to sell it in the near future before buying it from him. If I had a kid that sold a car I had "given" them they'd be moving out of my house!


Technically, you can do that. After you buy it, it's your car. However, he's giving you a break just to be nice. It would be really messed up to try to make money from that.


besides pissing your father off big time


Yes, that would be wrong.


If you will be doing that, do not buy it from him. That would be rude. You can buy it and sell it at a very much later time, like after 4 years or when fixing it when it is broken will not make sense.


That would just be wrong all around mean thing to do.He is giving you a nice break you won't find many in your lifetime that loving.


Once you give him the money - it is yours. Why would you buy it and then re-sell it? Don't you need the car?


My brother-in-law would do that. He is not a nice person. You do not want to meet him. Do not be like my brother-in-law.


but cant he do that himself?


Ask him.


Do not do that, unless you get his permission. You would be very wrong to do that. Not to mention you would perhaps owe income tax on the gain.