Should I take the highway or interstate to avoid roadblocks?

I am visiting family over the holidays and heading home soon. I love about 5 hours away and within the state and usually take the highway because it tends to be quicker. I was wondering if it’s safer to take the interstate or highway. Thanks.


Go to Google maps; Enter your destination, If the map doesn't have your location enter that also./ Press 'Directions' Google maps will then give you all your various routes given mileage and time required. It will also show you any current delays on route. There is no hard and fast rule as to which is better, it all depends on current traffic flow. I would use interstate where possible, jumping off before I hit a problem


Interstate usually has less roadblocks--but when there is crash, lanes are blocked and hard to get off to side road, take alternate route.

Le Café

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Rona Lachat

Roadblocks can be anywhere. Traffic accidents happen ANYWHERE Road closures for things like construction or avalanches happen ANYWHERE. You plan ahead and see the various reasonable routes from your current location to home. Just before departure you check for current road conditions and predicted weather. You then take the appropriate route for that time of departure. NO ONE can say route one is always better than route two. Most of the time the Interstate is the better choice. Fastest route may have tolls. Only you know what your time is worth. As it is about a 5 hour trip plan a stop about 2-3 hours towards home before the place you may need to alter your planned route home. You can check for the now current conditions and take the appropriate route for the next part of the way home. Most need at least a toilet stop after a few hours on the road. Take the break and check the roads for the last few hours of your journey home.