What type of car should we get?


Been There, Done That.

A Prius


Hello, here are some of the most important considerations to weigh when asking yourself “What type of car should we buy?”. 1. Your budget Answering the question starts with looking at your budget. Nothing has more of an impact on your vehicle choice than what you can afford. 2. What's it for? Is it for simply getting back and forth to work, is it for leisure cruising or a mix of both? 3. What kind of passenger and cargo capacity do you need? A two-seat sports car for a married couple without children might be fine, but it won’t do the trick for a family of five who travels regularly for weekend hockey tournaments. 4. Do I need an all-weather vehicle? If you’re planning to venture out onto snow-covered streets, you might consider an all-wheel drive sedan or SUV. 5. Do I want a green vehicle? There have never been more green vehicles on the market. If you’re interested green vehicles, check out them on Internet.


A car that suits your needs.


If you have to ask... Toyota Corolla.


Ford pick up


A Bentley


Silverado Chevrolet Pickup Truck.


without knowing your budget and requirement, how to answer your question ?

don r

Test drive a few and survey prices to see what fits you best to suit your needs. Consider quality and value.


you get what you want. we don't know you and what you need or can afford

Jay P

Determine what you want and need from a vehicle and determine what your budget is. Buy ( or lease, but buying is better ) the vehicle that best fits the above criteria.

Jenna Taylya

Who is we? What's your budget and situation/needs?