What’s the best transportation to take in NYC?



Depends on where you are and where you're going. There are areas beyond the subways where you have to walk a mile or take a bus to the nearest subway station. If you're near a subway station but only have a short distance to travel, it could be easier to take a bus rather than hike down subway stairs, wait for a train and then climb up subway stairs and still have to walk a few blocks. Cabs are for special occasions, not every day use. If it's possible, walk, and learn all the pedestrian tunnels and covered arcades to minimize street crossings and exposure to the weather.


In general, the subway will get you where you're going the fastest. After that comes the extensive network of buses, including some express routes. Most people don't drive much unless they live in the outer boroughs and have someplace to park their car. Cabs are useful, but most people don't take them too often due to the expense.

The Rainbow Child

I would say the subway, if you are somewhere pretty central or close to Manhattan. Streets get very congested and cabs are expensive, but the subway is generally pretty efficient. And the more people use it, the money will be invested in it to improve infrastructure.




The Subways


I once got in a cab to go from downtown Manhattan to the upper west side. After sitting in traffic for half an hour and going only a few blocks, the cabbie finally let me out at a subway stop.


Best transportation service in connecticut.


Manhattan is the commercial zone, any Subways connected between Brooklyn and Queens must pass through Manhattan. Which is the best option is based on where you live, and no a definite answer to answer your question.