Why was this lady rude?

I sat next to this lady on the bus because there was an empty seat. She pushed me away and said I can’t sit there. I just moved to another seat. What should I have done?


SAY IM ON THIS BUS TOO and im not moving..

Mr. Smith: Said

Said: "Shut up b***h." And kept your seat.


I would have done what I did on a plane when someone told me I should give up my seat to them. I just kept saying "Go talk to the air hostess about it" So I would have just said "Go talk to the driver about it".


Why did you want to sit by her?

Rona Lachat

Trolling along. WHY? Because.


Was she Rosa Parks? Who knows. Lotsa nut cases on the bus . I rode for 6 years; I got everything from come ons from a hooker, a drunk wanting to share his bottle, a nut threatening me (I pepper sprayed him and took another bus !), another poked me in the *** with a pencil, another was screaming constantly about his GF's losing her bus pass. I Told him to be quiet, he threatened me, we went outside and I hit him. Best in your case, let it go, move over and avoid this Nut next time. Tell her off, though, she can't get away with assault, it will get HER kicked off--read the rules.


You are just trolling of course. Maybe you have not showered in weeks.


Yes. She was rude unless you have personal hygiene problems. What should you have done? Just what you did.


You did the best you could do given the environment and her unexplained urge to push you away. Nothing else I would have done differently.


Should of busted her lips like a pimp


what you did prevented a confrontation and is correct however, you could have said something out loud like - good idea , there is a bad smell coming from that seat


again with this stupid question


Maybe, are you a male or female? What race? Her race? Do you stink? do you dress like a phucking idiot with strange political party buttons? Maybe she had PMS and was trying to avoid thumping you. look in mirror first before saying someone is too ugly.


You should have farted before you left.