Can I get a no insurance ticket in Texas in a borrowed car that has valid insurance on it? I also got a no drivers license ticket.?



If TX state law about policies for insured autos says the driver must have a valid driver's license, yes, you can get a ticket for no insurance, since it was not in force when you were driving.


Of course and you did huh?


Yes, and yes. And the tickets will be expensive. The car having insurance is only for licensed drivers, not you. Unless you just left your driver's license at home. Then you stand a chance of having both dismissed. (if you bring proof of both to court)


Yes and Yes.


You are lucky you did not get arrested on the spot. Pay whatever fines you have now.


If you showed a valid insurance card when stopped on the vehicle that was current you would et a ticket. If you did not you would be ticketed, Go to court with proof the vehicle was insured and see what the jedge does.


If you did then you can. Did you?

Obi Wan Knievel

Yes you can. Whether or not you're found guilty will be decided by the court.


Yes, in Texas, if a borrowed vehicle. Because your name is not on insurance document that was made and paid for that vehicle owner. Texas has lots of illicit traffic taking stolen vehicles over the International Border. You need a way to convince law enforcement the vehicle owner is allowing you to operate their property as found.