Can I renew my driver's license before it expires?



You can and you should, yes.


Usually. Depending on state law may renew 6 month befor it expires or 60 days or 30 days before expiration- usually on birthday but may be some other day determined from original issueance. Many staes may allow a online renewal- others may say need to go to DOT/DMV or County Clerk for a quick check of vision, address- the REAL ID laws regarding voters use of drivers license gets a bit picky especially if picture is needed.




Yes. It is the time you can still drive there, while it is still legal. Never wait till the last day. Go a week in advance or even a month. Your license is good for 5 years and always expires on your birthdate. Go on a day when you shaved and your hair is perfect, just in case you got the photo ID license. Then you are PRETTY.

Obi Wan Knievel

That's the only time you can renew it, in fact. Do you smoke meth every day, or is it an on-and-off thing?


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