DMV misspelled my name on my driver s license. do i need to pay a fee ?

i just got my DL in the mail and saw that my name was incorrectly spelled. I have 2 first names and they didnt put a space in between them. it was correct on my interim DL though. i went to visit the DMV site (california) and the only thing i could find was a page on how to change your name. it involved paying a fee, getting your fingerprint scanned, having a new photograph taken etc. but i believe that for people who are actually changing their names. no info about a simple correction :/ will that apply to me when it s their fault? can i just go there, tell them they misspelled it, and give a birth certificate? and most importantly, NOT pay a fee? also, do i have to get my photograph taken again? hoping not since i already look pretty decent in this one i have.


It's not a big deal. I wouldn't bother with such a trivial thing. You *may* of course have it changed. Would there be a fee? You would have to ask your DMV


Go see them in person. If they say pay a fee tell them forget it. You have a license in another persons name. I bet 99 in 100 people who read this wish it was them who had this.

Obi Wan Knievel

They should only charge a fee for a true name change, not a mistake on their part. You'll have to stand in line and fill out a form, and they'll definitely want to see proof that they screwed up, but there shouldn't be a service fee.



Mr. Smartypants

If the mistake is THEIR fault, why should you pay a fee to have it corrected? You pay a fee if you want to change the name on your driver's license for your own purposes. Like if your name is Ignatz but you usually go by Iggie, you can have it changed to Iggie. You pay for that. But if THEY make the mistake, you would expect them to fix it at their own expense. I'm not sure about the photo. The photo is digital and it's taken by the same machine that prints out your driver's license. But I know a copy is kept in a computer somewhere so a cop can identify you. They may require a new photo or be able to use the old photo.


Tell them they f**ked up, they should correct it for free.