Do I need car insurance before a car is signed over to me?

I am having a car signed over to me relatively soon from a family member. Do I need to have my insurance cover the car before its signed over to me? I m only going to be in town to pick up the car for a couple days and dont really have time for too much paperwork other than having the car titled in my name, but I do believe they require both license and insurance numbers before the car is able to be signed over to me. For reference, I am in America with an Ohio license, and picking up the car in Minnesota.


No, but it has to be in place before you drive it.


Before you move the car one inch, simply get the VIN and description of the car. Call a broker/agent to get it insured. The insurance company will "Bind coverage" on the car. Then get it titled and registered.


You can't insure it until it's been signed over to you.

A Hunch

You are not allowed to drive a car without insurance. If you have insurance on another vehicle (or you are a on a non-owner policy) contact your insurance company to find out how to add this car to your policy and when you need to add insurance. In my state, you have 10 days to add a new car to an existing policy.


You need car insurance before you drive it.


You definitely need car insurance before you drive it. In some states, you need insurance the entire time you own a car, even if it is parked, so you need insurance before it is signed over to you. In some states, you don't need insurance until the car is driven. So you have it signed over without insurance, but wherever it is when that happens, it needs to stay there until you get insurance.


You need it before you drive away in it. What if you had an accident while driving away from the sale? What if the cops stopped you and asked for proof of insurance? You need insurance in order to register your car in Ohio, which you need to do as soon as possible.


Phone your agent or the insurance company. They can fax a new coverage summary.


Yes. Do not even think of NOT having one.

Phil M

It takes much less time to insure a car than it does to get it titled.