Hi i want to buy a truck in texas has a rebuilt title will i be able to register it in wisconsin were i curretly live ??


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Contact the Wisconsin DMV and ask them what the requirements are so you don't run into any snags At least that's what a logical and intelligent person would do instead of relying on 2nd or 3rd hand information.


There are THOUSANDS of trucks in good running condition with CLEAR titles. That is what you need to buy. Keep it simple.


Rebuild titles are previously totaled vehicles. They have been fixed and inspected for safety. Wisconsin May inspect again before issuing a WI title( it will be salvage/rebuilt as well). Your insurance will be liability only because of this, and all accidents are on you to fix damage.


As long as you have a properly registered Texas title, just go to WI and have the title transferred. You will probably not find an insurance company to insure the vehicle. Follow the advice you got so far and forget it.


Probably. But why the heck are you going so far away to buy a rebuilt wreck?


walk away from this


i suppose so