Swapping the Vin number onto another vehicle?

I have the title for my old 1996 civic that blew an engine and has been sitting for months and was wondering if I bought another civic of the same body style without a title if I could swap the vin number from my 96 onto it


That's illegal.






against the law


The VIN stays with the shell (chassis). Far easier and legaller to just go down the wreckers and find a good used engine for your own car.


Lol...seriously ? You can't do that.


VIN is assigned to a vehicle for life, they can not be transferred and it would be illegal if you did.


Yes. You "CAN" do so but it is illegal to do so. Grammar matters

retired old sarge

you can do it but it is a felony if you do. ALSO there are other places on your car with the vin on it and if it is ever closely inspected say a fatal accident etc. IT WILL BE DISCOVERED and you will be going to prison and making very good friends with a huge black man called BUBBA.


That would be illegal. Tampering with a VIN is a crime.

Robsteriark: Not legally. That’s called “ringing”

Not legally. That’s called “ringing”: replacing the identifying marks of one car with those of another car. Often used to disguise stolen vehicles. In practice, if you did it competently, and with no fraudulent intent then nobody would know or really care. Especially on a low value old beater like yours. Effectively you’re just saving yourself the cost and effort of an engine and transmission transplant. If you go ahead then make sure to do as good a job of also transferring the VIN of the donor car onto your old wreck so that it can be safely scrapped without revealing the deception.


That is a FELONY. You can become Bubba's girlfriend if you get caught.


Not legally.

Johnny Uzumaki

Well instead of swapping the vin number. Swap deez nuts


No. The VIN is located in many places in the car, some of which are hidden and you wouldn't be able to find, and some of which are physically impossible to swap. This is done intentionally to keep car thieves from doing what you are trying to do. However, you could swap the engine from another Civic into the old one that blew an engine. But there's a problem. The VIN is on the engine block, so then you would have the title for a car with an engine block with a VIN that doesn't match your title. Also, a 1996 Civic isn't worth very much money. You could just buy another one with a title.

Old Man Dirt

There are various legal terms and slang terms for this, all of them are considered illegal activities. A car with out a title is often the result of some kind of thief. So not only would you be liable for the crime of altering the VIN of the second car- but also of receiving stolen property. Getting the one fixed up might be expensive, but it would still be cheaper the ten to twenty in the state pen.


Only a total moron looking for some jail time would even think of doing this.