Do you get car insurance if you have a learner's permit?



It doesn't work that way. "YOU" don't need insurance since people are not insured. Vehicles are insured. You can only insure a vehicle if you own a vehicle. "YOU" need only to be certain that any vehicle you EVER drive is insured.


The owner of the car must have insurance. If a licensed driver is in the car, the learner is generally covered.


Do you mean; can You buy some? Sure. Insurance is for the Vehicle, not the driver. All US states require financial responsibility--this means cash deposit, surety bond, or; insurance. NH is only exception.


yes, if you get into an accident, the insurance will pay. no insurance means your parents are liable, since you are a minor


Laws vary depending on where you are, but generally laws require owners of cars to carry liability coverage that covers legal operators of the vehicle that have the owners permission. However the owners policy may have some limited coverage for some aspects of comprehensive coverage like repair of the vehicle that the learner was driving, towing, rental cars, and other non-legally required provisions of the policy.


Yeah, you can. But it's usually more expensive.


In California at least, you are covered by your parent s policy while you have a permit. You are generally required to be added to their policy once you get a license.

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Please do not refer to it as a "permit." The government does not permit anything. They can only restrict. Also, government does not grant rights. They can call it whatever they like, but that does not mean it is technically accurate. Vocabulary and words are influential, which is why government uses the word "permit." "When words lose their meaning, people will lose their liberty." -- Confucius


No, without a license you can not get insurance.


Yes. Especially if the car is yours. As a kid(16) most times the car is in the parents name so you are the occasional driver so can get a discount on the insurance as it is basically dad's insurance. Any car/truck on the road should have insurance for if you get into an accident and the fault is yours, then the other driver or pedestrian will SUE YOU. For every single penny or property you got and may also get a percentage of your wages for YEARS. You are essentially working for them. It all depends on the Judge in the court. What he says goes. You will NOT GET OFF LIGHTLY. Having No insurance has ruined people. That is not the judges concern, nor the victim. You suffer the consequences for your actions.


The owner of the vehicle and licensed driver in the passenger seats insurance covers a permit driver.

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The answers that say no are wrong. You can get car insurance even if you don't have a licence at all, so getting it with a permit is not a problem. I said getting it isn't a problem, I didn't say no problems would be involved. With a permit, you face one definite problem and one possible huge problem. The first problem is insurance companies are extremely paranoid, so they'll contact you every week to ask if you've graduated to a licence yet. Even if you tell them you can't apply for a licence until a certain date, they'll still constantly pester you for as long as you have the learner's permit. That's more of a pain than an actual problem, but it still counts. Now for the second possible problem, which is much more serious. Hopefully you won't have this problem, but you might. The second problem is a clause written into the policy that says your coverage is only valid if the vehicle is driven by someone who is "properly authorized by law to operate the vehicle". That means if you break any of the conditions or restrictions of your permit, you're not covered by your policy. It seems like that shouldn't be a problem, but it is for many people. The temptation to drive alone, just a short distance just this one time, is just too great for some people. Then they get into an accident, and then they get really mad when the insurance they paid so much for won't cover them. But it won't, because insurance companies are absolutely heartless. When their contract says they won't cover something if it happens, they really won't cover it if it happens. All of them have that clause in their contracts, and they won't listen to any excuses. They don't care if it was an emergency and you had to drive to save someone's life, they don't care if it really was your first time, and they don't care if it's any other thing you can come up with.

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All cars driven on public roads must be insured. Unless you own a car, you shouldn't have to worry about it.

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By law, if you own a car, you must have car insurance. In some cases, a police officer might (mistakenly or not) say that, as long as you are licensed to drive, and you are driving a car, even though it's not your car, YOU must have insurance, because you're the one driving. Which means, if you borrow your mother's car, or your friend's car, that officer would charge YOU for driving with no insurance, and the car might very well be insured. I've heard of that happening before. But, the law says that, once you buy a car (which you can only do with your regular driver's license), you must have insurance. So, no, you, as the learner's permit, do not get insurance.


No. In fact you can't. You are covered while driving an insured vehicle as long as the requirements of your permit are met.