Driver License Renewal California?

Hi, this is a general question my mother driver license has been expired now over a year, we never received dmv notice via mail or anything, due to issues with the post office. We have all mail forward to our po box, but we never recieved any notices of renewal . I tried calling the dmv and renewing it online, but it not giving that option, can we still renew her dl due to mail issues with the united post office or does she have to re apply for a new driver license. Mind that her driver license has been expired over a year and some months now.


The reminder sent by the DMV is only a courtesy. Your mother should know when her license was about to expire.

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Laws are different in all 50 states - you'll have to ask the California DMV . . . . but in my state, if a license has been lapsed that long you must start over again as a new driver, ie written and driving tests.


Expired for more than a year and she is just now worried about it? Geez ! You should not depend on a renewal notice alone. The notice is just a courtesy. It is your responsibility to keep your license up to date. Most DMV's will not send their notices and documents to a PO box. They require a physical address where you are known by the postal carrier to live. What will the California DMV require that she do now? Ask the California DMV. USPS employee


NO! She will have to go in to the DMV in person to renew an expired license. While there, she can report her change of address to them so she can receive her new license.


Every California license expires on your birthday five years after it's issued. You can renew your license up to six months before expiration and up to two months after it's expired.


Sure! Mom has the ability to renew her CA state issued license. However, due to the fact it has expired she will have to do so in person.


Don't blame the Post Office. Many states (California might be one of them) no longer mail out driver's license renewal notices - it got to be too costly to do so. The DMV expects a driver to keep up with the expiration date himself. Go to the California DMV website and find out what a motorist in California has to do if he wants to renew an expired license. A license that has expired can't be renewed online. I'm in Texas and here, if a driver's license hasn't been expired for 2 full years, all he has to do is go down to the local DMV office in person, pay the usual renewal fee, and renew his license. If his license has been expired for 2 years, he has to "start all over" - take the written test and the road test - before he can renew his license.


Your mother will need to GO to the DMV to renew. She might need to take the written test.


GO IN PERSON & PAY THE FEE. you may need Other id.