Transfering ownership of used car in Florida.?

I'm purchasing a used 1988 truck tomorrow and it has Florida plates that are up to date. Can I just use those plates and pay a small fee? Or do I have to pay the $225 initial registration fee?


In Florida, the plates stay with the seller. This means that you will have to buy plates for the truck after you pay to get a title for the truck.


The current registration belongs to the other owner, you need your own. First get the title in your name( this shows ownership), then title and tag in your name

Pilsner Man

Probably, but both of you need to go to the tax embezzler's office to transfer it.


Gee whiz, a USED 1988, huh? What else would it be but a used one? You certainly wouldn't be buying a new 1988 would you? Now that foolishness has pointed out, let's scoff at your apparent inability to go to the Florida DMV website and look up the registration requirements. It's not exactly rocket science. Here's a head start: FAIL.


The Florida plates will need to be surrendered and you will get a new one. You will need to pay for NEW plates and registration.


Driving without registering it is criminal and You could get a big $$$$ ticket for it. Do things The correct way and stay out of trouble.


Check with the Florida State Registry. You'll likely need to get a new Title, and Registration.