What do I do if got into an accident into someone else's car?

Just earlier my Girlfriend could got get up a hill in the apartment parking lot due to inclement weather freezing temperatures. trying to drive up an Icee hill , me driving the car slips, swerves into the welcome sign. The back of the car drivers side, on the left of the drivers back lights has scratches and a nice dent. Since its her car were both fully covered, how would be go about this. Should I just report it to my insurance company and admit fault, or do we both have to?


Your girlfriend should file a claim with HER automobile insurance. YOUR automobile insurance has nothing to do with this because it was HER car that was damaged. Was the sign damaged? If so, her insurance would pay to fix that too.


In the USA automobiles are insured, not people. Your girlfriend, if she has collision coverage on her vehicle, with need to file a claim with her insurer. The insurance you have on you car has absolutely nothing to do with your girlfriend's the car of anyone else.


The owner of the car reports the accident to her insurance company. I suspect the insurance company is going to determine that this was "driver error" because very few signs jump into automobiles. Usually the auto hits the stationary object.


Weather is (never) an excuse for an accident. So yes, whoever is driving is at fault for hitting the sign. But, insurance follows the car, thus (whose) car hit the sign and had damages, then that insurance company pays. So insurance would pay for the sign damages, and if you have collision coverage on that car, then insurance will pay to fix (minus) the deductible. So, since this is (not) your car, then you (don't) report to your insurance, since your insurance won't pay, since (not) in your car.


You make a claim on the car's insurance, not yours. The first thing you do is call HER insurance company, dumbass.


just get a different car and rund away real fast don't make anyone catch you


That’s what you stupid teen drivers get. Drive slow. Glad you didn’t hit any car. If anyone hits my car, especially a teen/someone in their 20s, they will be sued for sure.

Pearl L

you nnight both have to, i would ask thenn about it