What does this mean?”$15,000 EACH ACCIDENT NO DEDUCTIBLE” And “$25,000 EACH PERSON-$50,000 EACH ACCIDENT” For insurance?



Normally this is shown as 25/50/15, which is liability coverage and there is (never) a deductible and (if) you are at fault in an accident, then insurance pays 100% to the other driver/passengers for the car damages and/or injuries. $25,000 is (max) 1 person can get for their injuries. $50,000 is (max) that 2 or (more) people can get for their injuries, (but still if 2 or more, then no one can get more than $25,000, nor will insurance pay more than $50,000 max total. $15,000 is property damages, which usually is a car. So, if the other driver/owner has more than $15,000 in damages or totaled, then insurance pays $15,000 and is done. Deductibles only apply for (your) vehicle, which is either collision or comprehensive. The average deductible for most people is $500. There is (no) limit to how much insurance will pay for (your) vehicle, since it pays to fix it, or if totaled, then pays you fair market value, in other words, if not in an accident, how much you could have sold your car for. You hit a rolled carpet in the street causing damages to your vehicle. Now (if) you have collision coverage, then your insurance will fix your car (minus) your deductible. But (if) you only have liability only, then your insurance (won't) fix your car. Now (if) the police are able to find out who owned the carpet that was left in the street, then (maybe) you could file a claim on their insurance to fix your car. Your insurance when they call you back, will explain (what) insurance you have, and (if) you have collision coverage or not, and if none, won't be able to help you. good luck


It means you will owe money if anyone has more than $25,000 in injuries, or if more than two people are injured, or you damage another car more than $15,000 in repairs. You are under-insured.


It means your liability coverage limits are too low. $15000 doesn't go very far in this day and age if you damage someone's car or property.


You got some good answers here but it appears you have only purchased your state's minimum required liability coverage -- which is WAY too little in today's world of expensive car repairs, replacement costs, and medical costs. Think about it: If you cause an accident and total someone's $35,000 car, your liability insurance only pays $15,000. Guess who is responsible for the remaining $20,000?


It refers to liability insurance. It means there are no deductibles that you must pay (there never is for liability coverage) It means the insurance will pay a maximum of $15,000. for one person, with a maximum of $25.000. for all persons and a Maximum of $50,000.for property damage