Will i get my tag/license plate after an accident?

okay here’s the story. i just got a used car and 2 weeks later someone hit me and the car is a total loss. The person that hit me and his insurance pays for the left over payments. now i’m thinking on getting another used car from the same dealership. i paid this dealership $395 for Tag fee. i was still driving with temporary license plate and i was waiting for my plate to come. but like i said someone hit me 2 weeks after i got the car. will i get that tag fee/license plate to my new car that i’m getting from their dealership?. I mean if i have to pay transfer tag fee that’s fine. if i don’t that even better.


Okay, here's my USA answer; It depends on which state you reside in. In some US states, the plates stay with the car. In other states, the plates stay with the person. If you are in a state where the plates stay with the car, you are SOL. If they stay with the person, you can use them on your next car.


If you buy another vehicle, you will have to pay whatever sales taxes your state charges on THAT sale, but MOST states will allow you to transfer license plates for just a small fee. You'll have to ask the people at your local DMV when you get your next car.

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All taxes and fees are very vehicle specific. You will have to pay all fees yet again regardless of circumstance.


Ask the dealer.


That's a great question!! If I had the number to the dealer I would call them and ask for you