Can one person replace a rear bumper? or do I really need someone to hold one side or hold it in place as you bolt it on?

if want to replace rear bumper, can this be done by myself or do I need someone to hold the bumper up or in place while I bolt the brackets onto the frame?


If you were clever and had an imagination, which you apparently don't, you'd figure out how to support it at one end while you attach the other. Duh.


Get some wood blocks to hold it up while you fit it on and bolt it.


It is POSSIBLE to provide support using objects instead of another person. Whether or not it is easier to get someone to help depends on the equipment available.


Far easier with two or more folks.


You can probably do it by yourself but it will be much easier with a helper.

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No. You’ll need to attach at least two people where that bumper goes. Legs dont absorb much of an impact.

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Hi so when this sort of damage happens it usually involves money to put it right at a car body workshop.