Front wheel bearing? Which one. Noise straight, and noise to the left, and when I turn to right less noise. Left or Right wheel bearing?



if one side is worn out the other is not far behind do both sides at the same time.


Wheel bearing noise fools the best Techs. The problem is, front wheel bearings are actually two bearings in one, inner and outer in one common outer race. The idea that you can turn the car one way or the other to determine which side is completely false! If you can't detect any looseness with the wheel elevated then it's difficult because the noise telegraphs through the whole car when the bearing is loaded on the road. The single best way to determine the bad side that I've found over the years is to road test the car with a stethoscope and tubing out each window taped to the wheel well of each front wheel. You plug in either tube alternatively from inside while driving, works well for CV joints also.


It may be a CV joint rather than a bearing. Arther has the right idea - go in prepared to replace everything that is bad and do whatever repairs are needed on both sides symmetrically. Shops that do a lot of steering and suspension work will do a free visual inspection. It isn't a scam; customers who have problems are encouraged to come in by the offer of knowing for free what is going on, and the shop can give them an intelligent quote.


YOU don't need to know WHICH wheel bearing it is... Take your car to a REAL mechanic and pay to have it fixed right the first time.


Just replace them all. See how much cheaper that is than to seeing a mechanic who may just tighten your alternator belt...and fix it.


If one is f**ked, the other is not much better. Swap 'em both. But if you want to do a proper diagnostic, lift the car off the ground, grab the wheel at the "quarter to three" position and try to rock it, feeling for any free play.

Robert M

DO NOT GUESS! msot SKILLED tire store technicians KNOW how to test for BAD bearings by putting the car int he AIR< and then SHAKING the wheel! USe ONLY FAG< TIMKEN or SKF bearings! Theya LAST the longest! YOU MAY even have TIRE NOISE here, as not AL L tires are made EQUAL.. You CANNOT go wrong i=]with FUEL EFFICIENT TIRES from MICHELIN< or CONTINENTAL. They OUTLAST nearly everything else! Be SURE your ALIGNMENT and CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS are in good shape! BYE for NOW.


How do you even know that the noise is from a wheel bearing? My estimation is that you don't. Take it to a qualified shop for an evaluation.


Think about it. When you turn Left the body leans that way and therefore loads more weight on it. It also puts less weight on the right or unloads it. A Bearing will make noise loaded and stop when it's unloaded. So the Left is bad. But the Right is the Gutter Side and usually fails first. Maybe it's been replaced already. You can jack it up and shake the wheel to check it. Or let a Tire Shop do it for free.


Left wheel bearing.


It is generally better to get both sides done as normally soon after one side is fixed the other side falls apart and it costs more taking it to the mechanic twice than once.

boy boy

the right wheel bearing ...if you turn right you are unloading that side ..more pressure on left and less noise ..turn left and its noisier ..thats the right side loaded