How can I buff superficial scratches off of my hunter case pocket watch?

I have a gold plated steel hunter case watch. Normal use has given it minor scratches. What’s the best way to buff these? I assume I’ll need a microfiber cloth and some slightly abrasive liquids or detergents.


If it has any value at all to you, whether monetary or sentimental, take it to a reputable jeweller to have it polished. You will wear through the plating with commercial metal polishes. A jeweller will use jeweller's rouge and the proper grade ultra fine polishing mops to restore the finish without removing any more gold than necessary.


Don't. The gold plating is not that thick. Just count the scratches as "character".

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Lightly polish with Happich Semichrome Polish paste. Don't overdo it or you'll rub off all the gold.


Careful, much buffing can cut through plating. perhaps just leave it, and be more careful not to put more scratches on it. I used to work in a jewelry store, repairing clocks, etc. when in college.


Jewller's rouge Best there is.