Transmission or throttle body?

My mechanic dad says it s the transmission filter, the shop mechanic at the car lot I bought it from, says throttle body. Long as the car is in motion, it drives fine. Accelerates a little slower than it should, but fine. If I have to stop at a stop sign or yield to traffic, or at a red light, it takes about 4 "mississippis" to accelerate. With my the pedal all the way to the ground, it barely moves. But after it gradually begins to move, it reacts like it should with the pedal mashed down and tries to take off. Hills are worse. If I m stopped on an inclined surface, it wont move. Like if I come to a red light on a hill, I cant accelerate up hill with shifting back and forth. Sometimes I have to wait for traffic to clear and back up or turn and find another route. If I m parked slightly down angled, there s a chance I wont be able to reverse out of the spot. Constant shifting and pedal mashing until I can clear the car next to me. And while it s doing this, the engine isn t revving or grinding. It s sitting there, my foot all the way on the ground, not moving.


why are you keeping the year, make, model, engine a secret?


We *really* need to know make, model, year, and miles. For all we know it is a Nissan with a CVT, in which case the CVT is the obvious suspect. The same applies to Fords with the dual clutch transmissions. EDIT - looking at your previous question, I have to wonder if it is the 2009 Nissan Rogue, which the EPA indicates was only available with the CVT in the US. If so that gets my vote: the CVT. Ten years is a good run.

don r

If the engine isn't responding to the pedal, you have engine problems. Transmission problem would be with the engine revving along with pedal pressure, but car not moving- that sounds like slipping transmission to me. My finger points to the throttle.


If there was ANY problem related to the transmission filter, it would be related to liquid flow through the filter. Let's look at the 2 extremes: 1. ATF flows easily through the filter. So this is normal. The transmission operates normally. 2. ATF can not flow through the plugged filter. So there is no pump pressure to squeeze clutch packs, so the transmission acts like it's in neutral. That means the engine rpm will go up easily with foot on the gas pedal, but no movement of the car. The situation is:. TOTAL slippage. Let's say there is inadequate ATF flow through a partially plugged filter. There would be some engagement of the clutch pack, but some slippage. So there would be some vehicle movement, but the engine would rev up, showing slippage. Since you have NONE of these situations, it should be clear that the problem is not related to the transmission filter. If your mystery car has a "throttle by wire" system, then you need to look there. Is your Check Engine light ON?


I suggest it's neither.

Robert M

You MUST give MORE DETAILS on this! YEAR, MAKE< MODEL< MILEAGE< ENGINE SIZE,, COUNTRY of ORIGIN! The use of BAD ENGINE OIL wil eventually corrupt the THROTTLE BODY and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE< the EGR and cost you O@ sensor sand leaks in the EXHAUST and wear in the CONVERTER!. A DIRTY T body wil make the car SLOW and hard to start! THe use of VALVOLIEN will EVENTUALLY make SLDUGE, TAR and WAX depsotis in EVERY engien part and eat RUBBER PARTS up and cause CRANK VENTILATION issues as well! WHATEVER thsi car is, I am SURE I can get it RIGHT for you!. ALL MODERN cars EXPECT that you get your FLUIDS all changed in the TRANS< STEERING BRAKES and COOLANT at proper iontervals> >> if the POWEr lags, it may EVEN be a LOOSE TIMIGN CHAIN on GM units! LSIT MORE INFO here please!. YOUR engine may be ful lof CARBON< adn your T body and dirty IAC will NOT show up in a CODE SCAN Tool1 THey MUST be cleaned by HAND! ALSO>>> get your FUEL FILTER CHANGED< as BAD fuel pressure will act like this TOO! SOMETIMES as cars AGE< the FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR will LEAK and cause your symptoms as well! TO TE$ST this, remove the VACUUM to it! if GAS spurts outit is BAD and your FUEL MIXTURE will be OFF KILTER! MANY cars NOW use signals from the THROTTLE BODY to make SHIFT POINTS< etc! WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THIS THING??


Poor acceleration from a stop is a sign of the sprag clutch on the stator inside the torque converter is screwed and is freewheeling at all times so there is no torque multiplication at lower speeds. I could be wrong, though. Wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last.


Get it to a mechanic. We can't guess on this one. Next time you post how about telling us the year, make, and model?


transmission filter is easier to change .................................................


the engine isn t revving or grinding. It s sitting there, Would suggest it isn't the transmission.