1996 kdx200 wont start after vforce3 reeds and rings.?

I started rebuilding my 1996 kdx200 motor a few months back. I put a vforce3 reed cage and rings in the motor which was the only things besides a water pump gasket. After i put it back together the bike doesnt want to start. I know that the new reeds will change things since theres more air flow, my question is where do i set my carb so it can at least be bump started? The engine has a pro circuit platinum pipe and an fmf powercore2 silencer. Elevation is around 1700 to 1800 where im at. I seen people say the reeds draw more air so it needs to be richened and i've seen some say that the more air produces a bigger pulse and draws more fuel in so it needs to be leaned out a bit. I also heard people having to lower the needle pin down a notch or two. Given my elevation and mods to the bike what should i do to my carb to get the bike running, it wont even bump start and its starting to discourage me. The settings on the bike now dont matter i just want to know what the baseline start setting should be. Thank you


make sure mixture is the problem first. Pull the plug - is it wet with fuel? If not why not? If so how wet? Why? Try a squirt of Aerostart into the air inlet & see if it will fire. If not why not? Even a poorly set carby should give some evidence of life if you use the choke.

Tim D

For something as specific as this I would approach an owner's club. https://kdxrider.net/forums/ For example.


You put the carbie slide in back to front. The cut-out on the lower lip needs to be on the air-box side.


It is so totally weird how the K-sock, Haynes and Clymer manuals have the carb settings in them. Like totally, dude.