Almost new Chinese motorcycle won't start??

I've got a 125cc Chinese motorcycle which is nearly new but it literally won't start since I disconnected the fuel injector plug and reconnected it with the ignition off.. I've tested the wires with a multimeter and they seem fine, I've had the injector out and cranked the engine and it fires fuel at regular intervals, I've tried starting it with different sensors unplugged, when I fully charge the battery over night it'll fire like once or twice then just crank like a b**** till the battery dies and it's such a small battery I need to 're charge it every 20 minutes before trying to fix it again... It's a really nice bike which is less than 6 months old but I've just literally bought it a week ago just to mess the whole thing up by disconnecting the plug... the fuses are fine btw too .. does anyone know how to test a fuel injector properly or if there's some common prob that it could be? Thanks Xgjao xgj125-28



Tim D

I bet that it has a longer warranty than 6 months so just return it to the dealer and get them to repair it under the warranty. Just do not tell them you have been poking about in the guts, and return everything to exactly as it was before you go.


What were you doing messing with the injector? Spray starting fluid on the intake and try to start. Bike starts and dies, check the injector pulse with a noid light while cranking. Bike does not start, check for spark while cranking. There is likely nothing wrong with your injector. There is just likely no spark or weak spark or you have flooded the engine. Inspect or just replace the spark plug. Get a spark meter and check for spark. No spark, check for a bad coil.


Your looking in the wrong direction. I'd bet you don't have spark and it has nothing to do with the fuel injection. The CDI that controls the spark are very cheap but you have to get the right one. There is one for the two cycle and a different one for the four cycle.


I am not sure what the problem is, but it may be that the CPU needs to be reset by a diagnostic machine and that means taking it to a dealer or have it picked up. By disconnecting the fuel line the engine management system may think there's a problem and shut the engine down for safety reasons. It will need to be instructed to ignore this fault and hopefully the engine will start. The moral of the story is, "if it ain't broke don't fix it."