CV carb on 1998 Harley Dyna,?

No fuel spraying into throat but runs at idle only. Throttle cable to carb as stuck then started working but like I said no fuel pumping Did the cable break or what?


Check for a bad diaphragm.


time for a pulldown & repair kit. Dont know how? Either buy a manual & READT it or take it t osomeone who knows what they're doing

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I have an '06 Dyna, EFI. Try rotating the throttle. If cable broke/anchor off, the butterfly wont move. Check and see. Try moving the slide all the way up with your finger. Should move freely, with Some resistance. It should take about a second to come down, with a Slurp. If it sticks, moves slowly, it is dirty. Clean entire carb per the rebuild instructions, try again. Blast out all passages with spray cleaner and compressed air. Clogged tiny little vacuum ports can cause your problem. Pay especial attention to the slow jets--this caused problems like you describe in the Keihin CV carbs on my Honda. Only a .015" bore in them.Get a Good fuel filter. If needles OK, carbs will work fine 96% of the time if given Clean gas. If the slide comes down, instantly, you may need a new diaphragm or there is a leak. Again, rebuild, try again. Diaphragms and top ends can seem ok, but not :"spray fuel". I saw it once in a Yam 650 VStar. I had to replace the forward carb diaphragm that Seemed just fine.


Take he carb bowel of and clean the jets.


Sounds like the butterfly isn't doing it's thing. Check the spindle isn't seized and/or the diaphragms aren't split. The idle circuit is separate, so the bike may idle through the pilot jet, but it can't deliver enough fuel to run at higher (engine) speed.