What type of spark plug does a yamaha ttr-125 need, and can I get it at auto zone, trying to rebuild a bike, complete newbie?



Sure. They know if you ask them. But sparkplugs alone does not rebuild a bike. You need tools and knowledge (or a repair manual and probably a torque wrench.

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Try to get a shop manual or maintenance book. Without all the specs you can mess up more than you fix.




Go to the NGK and DENSO website. You can find what plug you need. Buy 5 of them at Amazon. They are about $2 or $3 each. Replace every year or when your bike has a hard time starting.


Any auto parts store can tell you what it came from the factory with. Buy that plug.

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You could search an online Shop Manual for best advice. Most of the Yammies I've had lately were bigger-bore but the NGK DR8E fit most BUT the lenghth on the shaft is longer or shorter per Model size and there is a L for the longer ones. Auto Zone may have what you need and just might have the info for your bike.

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Edit: 4 stroke yamaha ttr 125L

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Type; you mean, Brand? NGK or ND. Nothing Else. Only use Jap in jap. Something about tolerances. Stay away from fancy "Split Fire" or those dual or four electrode plugs, they are crap. Only airplanes use a dual electrode; they are far different from passenger vehicle plugs. I am sure the 'Zone has them or can order them. Dual Platinums last longest and are spec for some vehicles.

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Don't waste your time or money. If this is the kind of question you are asking you cannot "rebuild" a motorcycle.