Is it weird for a 30 year old to ride a Honda XR100R?

Would it be embarrassing

Lord Bacon

Depends on whether he wants transport. Some people are immature air-heads who think they are so important that everyone notices them so they do things they think make them look big or manly or important. Mature people don't worry about such things. By the age of 30, a person should be mature enough to make a rational choice. If the rational choice in the circumstances is to ride a Honda XR100R, that is what they'll do.


No, but it's weird that you feel the need to ask.

duck you sucker!: Only thing remotely close to

Only thing remotely close to :"weird" is giving a **** what other's think while You have a great time. We motorcyclists, at least in AZ, wave at anything on 3 wheels or less. Be it a Harley, Victory, Gold Wing, Slingshot, or Honda 100. They Wave Back. It's Orwellian--4 wheels bad; two wheels good. I am sure some , and, some on this forum, "disapprove" of my riding a Harley. Probably will say at my age, a Vespa or even a Toyota is "more sensible". I am old enough to know better, but too young to care.

Tim D

If I did not have the option I would ride a Tomos 50cc moped. I would not be embarrassed.


This is a free country. You ride whatever you want. Do not care too much about image. It will not make you rich or poor. Warren Buffett worth close to 100 Billion dollars still lives on his old house he bought in 1959 for $30,000.

Ed Gein Jr.

Well, better than a moped.

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi so why should it be weird it is transport a way of getting about.


I suppose if that's all you can afford or ride it out of nostalgia it's perfectly fine.