Lexmoto hawk won't start??

It started up healthy I turned it off to check some wiring behind a panel after that it wouldn't start just keeps cranking... It's fired once or twice but nothing enough to keep it going... the fuel injector is working there's no fault codes but the engine light comes on the dash which I don't remember being there before... I don't think the wirings broken it feels like the bike just doesn't want to start for some random reason? Anyone know

Tim D

"doesn't want to start for some random reason" "I turned it off to check some wiring behind a panel" I think I can spot the "random reason" here, can you? What did you check? Why did you check it? How did you check?


Get the bike on a diagnostic machine and it will tell you what is wrong. It's no good guessing and replacing parts which will cost you more.

Candid Chris

Try recharging the battery to see if that helps. Sometimes the charge isn't strong enough to crank over the engine and give a good spark at the spark-plug(s). Also make sure the air filter is clean so the bike can breath easier.


CHECK the codes first.