Should I sell my bike for a car again?

I've got a 2018 125 motorcycle it's generally a bike that's sought after... I bought it thinking the insurance would be 600 for the year but it's the same as what I could insure a good 2004-2006 car for which is 1300... the bikes only covered less than 650miles so it's within it's wearing in period still and it's been driven pretty normally.. I got it used for 1000 so do you think I could get 1000 for it 3rd hand seeing as I repaired a small wiring issue when I bought it (costed 16$ because I'm pretty good at stuff like that but I did it professionally with solder and shrink wrap etc).. but yeah... btw I've covered about 30 of those miles and I think it's pretty good still... I've seen older ones go for more than they costed new too...


Before you buy any vehicle it's wise to get an insurance quote and if you want a car as a replacement for a motorbike you're not a proper biker and never will be. Without knowing the make and model we have no way of knowing it's value, but I'm guessing it's Chinese and they are difficult to sell on. You can buy a reliable used Honda or Yamaha for the price of a new Chinese bike that won't be as reliable.


Where are you? In the northern states? Get a car. In Fl? Stick with your bike.


Put it up for $1500 or offer, and see what your get. You can always negotiate down if there's no interest.


(1) be sure of those insurance figures and get several quotes..........a car is almost always more than a 'cycle (2) a car will also cost more in fuel + maintenance