What number of octain gasoline do i use for a klx 110?


Jay P

It's OCTANE, not 'octain'. Look in the owner's manual. If you don't have one, use regular 87 and if you find that the engine knocks, or 'pings', use a higher octane fuel.


If you use 87 octane and it runs fine then just keep using that.


Japanese vehicles are usually set up to run on regular unleaded fuel. Use 87 Octane or better if you want a specific RON rating.

Candid Chris

Reg. 87-89 should be fine as it's not a high compression engine and the bike is not usually used in extreme conditions. Some riders think premium (91+) is a waste of money for most lower compression engines but I've found that it has a slightly better starting power if the bike sits unused for awhile, your flip ofthe coin.

Robert S



Use 87 octane which is what it is designed to use. Using any higher octane is a complete waste of money and contrary to the myth some people still believe it will provide no more power or easier starting.


Try all grades even have a friend select the grade (price) and do your blind studies and pick your choice,. Rc


95 RON.


100 if you can get it


What does your owner's manual say?? I always put high octane in my Rebel 250. I notice just a little more 'get up and go' in it with high test octane.