Why do motorcycle riding speed All Gas no Brakes?


Jay P

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Using brakes in corners on motorcycles is a sure way to be thrown off, so motorcyclists throttle down for the corners and use engine braking, then accelerate out, never touching the brakes if they know how to ride it properly.


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Tim D

Only slow down when you have to.

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I'm not as think as you drunk I am.. Seriously: Braking can cause skids, it always causes some loss of control. For control, use power. To keep 'sickle in power band, use gears. Alright to touch brakes slightly just before a curve, but not Through the curve. Or, downshift. Braking is bad enough in a cage, you have to often because of its 2200 Plus lbs and sometimes auto transmission * . Incorrect braking on a bike can cause serious rear skid or dive on the front end; can easily drop bike and many times deadly to rider. I often do a 90% downshift to slow for a stop; I have to Remember to touch front brake to give cagers the heads-up !

River Euphrates

As other people have pointed out, you can regulate your bike's speed by downshifting - but if I am riding in traffic, I will blip my brakes a few times while down shifting (even if I don't actually engage them) to give people an indication that I might be slowing down.

don r

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