How can I put a wider front wheel on my 125cc?

It's manufactured with a wide back wheel but the front wheel is a bit slim if I do say so myself.. the rear of the bike is complete savage looking then the front looks a bit novelty... I wanna basically have the same width wheel on the front as the back has... I don't want to do things like machine cut forks to work with a wider wheel.. I don't mind changing the forks entirely for some reasonable used upgrade ones and If it's something I do then obviously I don't mind sourcing a new wheel to look similar to the rear either.... but yeah doesn't anyone know like some guidelines to what I want to do thank??


get out tape measure and rulers, check width of forks, clearance of tire/wheel on now and then check width of other possible wheels with same axle size, brake fittings. A ACTUAL NAMED 125cc motorcycle would be helpful to know. depends on type and maker- is this a Chinese made cheap styled cruiser? dual sport? Look at makers other models, check forks maker/subcontracter. A 3.00 x 19 wheel and tire on a Cruiser might have 4.50x17 from a R styled model of same maker- and axle size would be same, brakes might be same size- just shorter spokes and wider rim. What size wheels/tire do you have now front and back? What style motorcycle? A lot of old pattern small motorcycle had same size wheels front and back- back tire might be .25 or .50 wider than front . 125s from old DKW continental had 19 inch or 18 inch wheels with 2.50 tires and 2.75 rear , some had 3.00x 18 front and rear with same trials tire- simple parts stocking. Old Honda Dreams 125, 150, had 3.00 x 16 wheels and tires front and back with clearance for .25 larger tires, some time .50 larger diameter. Next size wider front tire with lower profile for styling would have minimal effect on handling, cheapest - but unless you have a actual need for 'fat ' front wheel and tire like Sidecar use, don't go expensive route.


Waste of time and money. The bike is built to a design. If you start messing about with tire sizes you are likely to make the bike unroadworthy.


They put slimmer tires on the front for better control of the bike. A fatter tire on the front will make the bike more difficult to steer and remain in control. Same reason you see gasser race cars with small tires on the front. Better control!


Put wider rims and tires with the same diameter but really for small bikes, it is BEST to leave the stock tires and rims alone.


Depending how wide the stock rim is, the diameter (for tyre availability) and how much clearance there is between the forks, fit an oversized tyre. Wide tyres on the front make the steering heavier, I would avoid going too big up front unless your really like the look of sized matched tyres front and back, but understand it will affect the handling.


"like machine cut forks to work with a wider wheel" No you don't want to do that – because it will not work – there is nothing to trim off without compromising the strength. You do want to replace the yokes (triple trees) with wider ones – these do not grow on trees you will have to get an engineering firm to knock two up for you. You will also need to get a rear wheel – shave off the sprocket holder and replace the brake disc with a replacement front – a rear wheel axle machined to suit the forks, and spacers to suit. You might need to reposition the brake calipers. And the result is that the bike will be less nimble and an engineering firm will be rubbing its hands together. Or you could buy one of these

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Don't. I put a 180 on my Harley's rear which came with a 160. But; I Don't wanna mess with the front wheel. Most of weight is on back, anyway. The smaller OD rear plus lowering front the same distance made for better handling. A wider front will negate all of it. Big tires on front will make her corner like a cage..

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You will lose power and handling from your 125 because a larger rim and tire weigh more than smaller ones do.

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Hi so like all things of this nature it is just a fashion having a wider back wheel. there is no benefit making the front wheel and tire as wide if anything it will produce problems when going around a bend. the slim front wheel makes for better cornering.