What can't I get this scooter running?

It's a 2 stroke I've changed the carb, the reed, the fuel vacuum& filter, both fuel lines, new spark plug, new kickstart it has a new piston which I previously used the old rings on and it ran fine but wouldn't pull because the rings were worn in the first place(variator all checked) then it wouldn't run with new rings so I got new rings again, did another top end rebuild with brand new rings all new gaskets incase reusing an old gasket caused compression loss, used sealer on the bottem gasket both sides and let it set... Kickstarted it thinking it'd run like a beauty and it didn't start! I haven't checked the actual spark plug yet but I've tested the lead with another plug and it generates a perfect spark... I've fiddled with the carb and put it to factory settings.... I haven't got a battery so a possibility was last time it was running that I let it warm up and without a battery the choke might not of switched back when it was off.... I'm really stumped because it doesn't make sense.. anyone have any suggestions???


Check the points and timing.


Use another plug. Even new you can get dead plugs, before you put in the plug pour a bit of gasoline down the spark plug hole then screw the plug in by hand and kick it over. Hold the throttle open as it is flooded right now so you need just air.(no choke) some choke, some throttle experimentation. I would carry about 4 plugs with me new and old. I knew the old ones worked. You MAY NEED A BATTERY and hook it up. I figured out how to bypass the battery on my bike and all bikes are different. So battery is most likely your need.


Replace the plug and CHECK compression with a gauge. Your bike could be firing in the exhaust stroke.

Tim D

"I'm really stumped because it doesn't make sense.. anyone have any suggestions?" Yes, stop monkeying around and do the job properly, thoroughly and in a logical progression. If you have done all that work and not bothered to check the plug then either you are a troll or a fool.