Motorcycle or car whats cheaper for long term?

i have my license for car an motorycle. i currently drive a 400cc motorcycle honda from 1979 i can do most of the upkeep on a bike myself . insurance is 160 a month. would it make more sense to drive a car an try to maintain it myself as well or is the bike cheaper in the long run. insurance is 100 a month for a older small car. I live up north an ride year round in the cold an snow. i use it as a across town bike 1-2 miles tops unless it above high 30s

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Cage, By Far. Tires for my Terse Hell are $25, used. Last 20K. A Decent tire for a 'sickle is $240, plus m/b. And, Might last 12 K. My Terse Hell gets 43-50 MPG. Uses regular. The FXDL, barely 48 . Usually, 30. And, requires Premium. Even the Honda, only 52, at best. Motorcycle parts are $$. Even Honda. Chevy parts are Dirt Cheap, available Everywhere. You say :"motorcycle" to a parts dealer, prices go up 3-4 times. Like, for an airplane.


It depends on what bike you buy. If it's a small motorcycle it will be cheaper to run than a car on petrol and consumables. However, if you have a large capacity motorcycle they can be quite expensive to run. A rear tyre will cost you almost as much as four tyres on a small car and will need replacing every 4 to 5 thousand miles. Then you need protective clothing and a good helmet and they aren't cheap. If it's snowing or raining and you need to get to work on a daily basis then a bike is dangerous and not much fun at all. .


"a across town bike 1-2 miles tops" Look at the end of your legs – use those – almost free. Use a bicycle for alternative excitement.


My Motorcycle does 85 miles to a UK gallon


I think a car is safer. If you get an old car you can maintain it yourself and insurance will be cheaper


Short term the motorcycle. Long term, factoring in medical care for when you're knocked off you're bike and can't walk any more, the car is cheaper.


1 to 2 miles? Walk it or bicycle it.


Motorcycle is cheaper, unless you are a wimp that needs being warm and/or dry.


Your best option to travel 1-2 mile trips is a scooter.

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A motorcycle is theoretically far cheaper than a car (as long as you don't run out and buy a high-end sportbike or cruiser). Maintenance tends to be cheaper, but you do have to keep up with tires - and even though you only have two tires, they tend to be softer rubber and wear faster (and you don't want to ride on bad tires). I found a brand called 'Shinko' that makes excellent tires that are far cheaper than most. With that said, I don't really consider a motorcycle a viable full-time alternative to a car/truck. Weather conditions can prevent you from safely riding, they have limited storage/cargo capacity, and most can only carry one passenger.


Get a car with a working heater. Do not kill yourself.