I'm in Ho chi Minh, where can I get a DOT certified motorcycle helmet?



mail order

Exoplanet: So easy

So easy: from a U.S. distributor.


You can buy reasonable quality helmets if you look around. Many helmets will be DoT marked because the factory that makes them also supplies them to the US and European markets, but even if it's not DoT marked, don't assume it's no good. DoT is only the US testing agency, not the last word in helmet safety. With crash helmets you can easily tell the quality. Avoid the $10 plastic bin-liners better for bicyclists and potted plants.




If you ride a 125cc or less bike, just get a good priced helmet from a department store. Most are good enough. If you ride a crotch rocket, buy one from a "super bike" dealer.


1. your local motorcycle dealer 2. Amazon sells them.