How do I access TPS on 06 Gsxr 750?

The frame cast aluminum lookin frame is in the way of the throttle position sensor and I cant adjust it in any way. How do I go about this? Service manual basically said remove airbox cleaner and lift up throttle bodies. for those who keep saying follow the manual. please clarify how to "lift up the throttle body". it doesn't specify. My bike has an issue where it kills it self when coming to a stop quite often and the tps is too high with the line (-) at the top. The frame of the bike is in the way and cant angle the torx to adjust when that is in the way. When the manual says "Lift" i suppose that means i just grab the throttle body and lift it up. It doesn't specify. Thats why I asked "How do I go about this? Heres the section of the service manual If you guys don't know how, don't bother answering my question. If I have to I will go to a mechanic. I'm adjusting TPS because it has come out of adjustment an shows that the line is above C00, when I put my bike into dealer mode because it has performance issues. I know how to adjust it. I simply asked how can I access it, but no one seems to know, but I figured it out and its done. And i'm not "tweaking" it just to go faster, I never said that was my intent.

Tim D

The manual page tells you to go to 5 14 5 15 and 5 16 show you how to completely remove the throttle body, obviously you do not have to go this far, just enough to gain access.


Follow the manual. What is the bike doing? Are there trouble codes for the TPS?

don r

Do what the manual says. If you can't, put it in a shop with mechanics who can.


Why are you trying to adjust a throttle position sensor? Do you even know the procedure to adjust it correctly? A TPS is not something you just tweek to see if you can make it faster.

Candid Chris

Keep following the Shop Manual directions. Your question is incomplete.