Dirtbike question?

Say I were to purchase a street legal dirt bike... would I need a drivers or motorcycle license to ride this on the street? Also, would I need a license plate for it? Would I need insurance?

Tim D

If you had included where you are in the world and your age someone might be able to tell you what the process and legal requirements are for riding a dirt bike on the street.


Yes to all.

don r

Dirt bikes are not street legal- no lights or horn. You could ride a dual purpose bike on the street. Here in California, you must have an M1 endorsement to ride motorcycles and they must have legal lights, a horn and a license plate attached. All vehicles must be insured to be used on public roads. You cannot get registration without current insurance.

Justin Thyme

Yes, you need all of those.

Candid Chris

What part of 'street legal' do you need explained? You need a license, the bike needs a license and insurance. Go do all the dirt riding you want.


Yes, yes, yes, yes.


yes - you would need a license + insurance + a plate

The Oracle of Omigod

It is not street legal unless you have a license, it has a license and you have liability insurance.