30 and riding a Honda XR100R?

An XR100R is a dirt bike. Mainly known for a starter bike for teenagers. It’s also known for an adult trail riding bike because it’s easy to maneuver. My last post was misunderstood. I wasn’t making fun of anyone for riding on. I’m the one riding it lol I was simply asking if it might look weird to other people that a 5’ 7” guy is riding around on a 100. It’s smaller than the average dirt bike that adults ride. That’s my question

duck you sucker!: Again: Only thing remotely close to

Again: Only thing remotely close to :"weird" is giving a **** what other's think while You have a great time.


To hell what other people think, especially the cagers in their boring hot hatches approaching pension age.

Ian K

Are you having fun? If so, who cares.


who cares what others think? If you like riding it, go for it

Tim D

Ride the bike you have – always better than not riding at all. Who cares what other people think?

Lord Bacon

Sorry if I misunderstood your last post. There are lots of reasons people choose a mode of transport. Sometimes it comes down to what we can afford or what is available to us. Sometimes it has to be practical for our intended use. Sometimes it is a conscious choice to create a certain impression. We see this all the time with 'posh' cars or customised cars or big, butch trucks. We do not always create the impression we intended, which may be what you have in mind about the motorcycle you mentioned. Not everyone cares what others think. Realistically, there is no reason they should care. We each do what we choose (within the law) but we can never control how other people perceive us. Should we care how others see us? I suppose that depends on whether we are trying to create an impression or whether we are quietly getting on with our lives, working with what we've got and what we've chosen. If anyone thinks it looks weird, that says something about them and their expectations, not about the reality of a person simply riding his chosen mode of transport. In our heavily congested towns and cities, I'd imagine a nimble motorcycle is a very practical solution to getting through the traffic. Sorry, My friend, I am not sure what sort of answer you are looking for. You do not need anyone's approval. It is a valid choice.


You are 5 ft 7. Not really tall. A 100 is good for you. Ride on.

Ed Gein Jr.

No prob, just don't take on the highway.


There is some 70+ old duffer riding about my community on some very small motorbike. I hope he gets good economy? I guess? I grew up in the 70's, same community with some 40 year old riding about on a Vespa. I didn't give it much thought. He went too far with the economy thing and I last saw him pulled over for not having a license plate.. perhaps the 2nd hand Vespa wasn't tilted and he had to park it?