Best commuter scooter or e-bike?

Quick summary: Needs: foldable, handles hills, rider weight: 190 lbs + potentially 20 lbs of stuff, price range: <$1000, preferably easy set up I live in San Francisco so hills are an issue. I’d like something I can fold down so I can take it inside classrooms and for easy storage when I go on vacation. Also, if it can handle extra loads with my backpack for school or also groceries that would be great (I’ve seen bikes with baskets or maybe I can bungee cord my bag to a scooter) For reference I’m 190 lbs. Mileage wise I just need like 2 miles each way so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’m not looking to spend a ton, but if it’s a really good option I’d spend $1000 max So hopefully something that can go fairly fast, I know the Bird and Lime scooters go like 18 mph, not that I want to travel that fast but the horsepower could help with hills. Also something easy to set up out of the box, I’m not that handy and I don’t have a lot of tools (but if I have to I’ll buy some) Thanks for your help


You need to stop dreaming. There is *NO* motorized scooter or e-bike that you can fold down and take inside classrooms. THINK!!! If there was anything like that, wouldn't you be able to see many others with those magical vehicles sitting beside them in classrooms?

don r

Lime, Bird are pretty strong. Nothing under 1000 watts is going to serve you in San Francisco.


An e-bike ain't going to cut it on SF hills with 200# aboard. Not one under $1000. A gas-powered scooter is your best choice. Go to a dealer and see if they have any trade-ins at a good price and 6 month warranty. .

Justin Thyme

I just put a Dillinger front wheel kit on my bike, 350 watt. i live in the mother lode area, i rode it 33 miles yesterday and the battery was down to 50%. Lots of steep hills but with pedal assist it goes well. Kit was $630 plus shipping.






Not going to happen for $1,000, plus your criteria are inconsistent and unrealistic as far as ability to handle the hills, being foldable, or being classroom accessible. Suggest walking and saving your money until you can afford a real scooter or motorcycle (if that is still important to you then).


Walking doesn't hurt... At all. I've hypertension and suffer from heart tremors and you know what my doctor recommended? Brisk walking for 30 minutes!


Foldable? None. Good scooter? Honda PCX.