Would it be difficult to put a yamaha engine in a Chinese bike and convert the yammy into a fuel injected model??

I've got a xgj125cc fuel injected there's nothing wrong with the current engine but someone's selling a good yammy 125cc engine I'm guessing it'll just wire straight in if I convert the pins then I'm thinking from there id have to get the matching yammy regulator to run all the current electronics on it without them blowing or causing problems since it's all 12v stuff... the same guy has the wiring loom for the yammy too so would it be as simple as splicing a part of the yammy loom into the bikes current loom and adding the rectifier/ regulator??? I'm assuming the fuel Injection unit and throttle body should be a direct fit too but it wouldn't be difficult to make an adapter if not ?? But the stators for both engines are 4 wire stators so would it work ???


You have been working on this bike for a month. You even pretended you are a car mechanic. The bike is broken and you cannot fix it. Cut your loss, burn that POS and get a Honda Grom. The Grom will still be running when your more smarter granddaughter goes to Harvard.


The Chinese bike troll strikes again.


Does ya got a complete design / prototyping shop? Then it's easy.

Tim D

"I assume", "I'm guessing", "I'm thinking" that it would be difficult. And a pretty pointless exercise.


To the anonymous smart a**.. I am actually a car mechanic and it's not been a month it's been a week, it is running now or I wouldn't be asking if a yammy engine would fit in claiming that the engine now still works, it does work now because I've wired in a new ev1 plug & found that the Injector pulse was delaying due to a damaged wire and it was also craving a new spark plug.. I do know what I'm talking about because I've worked on many bmw engines & know basic wiring systems well enough to feel like a yamaha conversion on this motorycle would be plausible... I don't need to go to Harvard they'd probably say everything must be oem but when the bike isn't manufactured from scratch and is actually put together from distributed parts I know what's best. So before you be a smart a** do you know the basics of mechanics if you think mechanics needs to be learnt at Harvard?. probably not??