What is an extremely loud portable speaker I can used on atv rides?

It needs to be Bluetooth and waterproof, on these rides I have to be able to hear it over 10+ other atvs and I need to be able to zip tie it or something into any side by side

don r

The engine is all the music you need while riding. Listen to music at home in your room.


Bose makes an excellent speaker unit that is rechargable and has bluetooth. Very good sound. My friend has one he uses on his pontoon boat.


why dont you get some bluetooth earbuds einstein ..


Plenty of helmet-mounted stereo headphones on the market, made just for this purpose. Depending on your helmet and how it fits, many variants of in-ear headphones work very well under a helmet as well, and are a lot cheaper than the helmet mounted speakers (and usually louder too). No mods to the ATV, and you don't have to worry about waterproof and all that. Plus, you don't annoy everyone around you.


Use ear buds like everyone else. That way, no one else has to hear your crappy taste in music.


And you think your alternator output has nothing to do with this. Like, totally tragic, dude.

Candid Chris

You would need to juice up your electrical system.