What's a good second motorcycle?

My first bike was a 2009 Yamaha vstar 250. Pretty much mastered it and want to upgrade? What would be a good second bike?

Tim D

What do you want from the second bike? Are you looking to travel long distances, are you just pootling around town, do you want any off-road capability?

Jay P

That depends...do you want to stay with a cruiser style of bike or do you want to try something else? I'm on my 3rd bike and I went from a standard to a sport touring and now I am riding an adventure bike.

duck you sucker!

What do you Want? If I got another, Id get a Honda 400 enduro. I suggest an 1100 VStar. 650's are unreliable. Or a Kawi Vee Twin 650.


Go for a Kawasaki ER6 or if money is tight the cheaper ER5. They are not too intimidating and can keep up with motorway traffic should you need to.


Depends what you want. To downsize? or Upsize? You know.


How about one of these?


If you like the style, get a 650 VStar