Dirt bike won’t shift into 2nd, only first. And neutral is where 2nd is. No other gears. It shifted fine before I drained the oil. Any help?


Candid Chris

What FN bike are you asking about? A 2-stroke needs oil in the fuel-mix BUT that has nothing to do with the clutch or gearbox. Need more details- Make, Model and Year would be helpful to start with.


Check the gear box oil level. It has its own tank.

Tim D

Have you replaced the oil? Did you replace exactly the right amount (as specified in the manual)? Was it the correct grade and type of oil? Explain more of the symptoms and what you did.


800ml of 2 stroke where? in oil tank or in engine case/gear box? DKW was one of first 'unitary' designs that had plain oil in transmission that also lube a main bearing and wet clutch, transmission gears. 2 stroke oil was in fuel- and some times plain 30 weight non detergent was used in fuel as well as transmission. Newer synthetic 2 stroke oil put into transmission may be a problem. Chinese made dirt bikes copy old DKW derived engines from the Japanese developements like Yamaha . Minerelli engies. check manual and oil level, type of oil.