How do i hook up my heated gloves to my motorcycle?



Wires generally run up the sleeves, through the jacket in some way, and come out of the bottom where you have a socket that you plug into another socket coming out from under the seat (or wherever the battery is).


The easiest way is to buy (Gerbing, First Gear, and others make)--a battery hookup wire with an inline fuse, a temperature controller, and a Y-harness to run across the back of your jacket and down your sleeves to your gloves. Make sure the connectors match. I find the Y-harness across my back extremely annoying. I soldered some stranded copper extension-cord wire into my Y-harness so that it is long enough to run across the inside back bottom hem of my jacket and then up the sides inside my jacket to the sleeves and down the inside of my jacket sleeves to my gloves. I used heat-shrink to protect the solder splices. I also mounted the temperature controller to velcro I sewed onto a pocket flap on the outside front of my jacket. I had to modify my non-electric 3/4 jacket, but the setup is comfortable and works really well. My current Rukka GTX 3 Chamber gloves are non-electric, not quite as warm, but adequate down to 40 degrees. Look ma... no wires!

Candid Chris

Get the bike running. After a few minutes grab onto the exhaust pipe(s).


Install a plug for your gloves