Is there a motorcycle drag race equivalent to Top Fuel drag races?

Think of 2 supercharged alcohol-fuel with nitrous racing motorcycles with a bar behind each of them to stop wheelies from happening. The green light comes on, and both motorcycles accelerate full throttle, while the rear bar stops wheelies.


Like wow. It's called motorcycle drag racing. Like wow.


How about throwing a rocket powered bicycle into the mix? 207 mph in 4.8 seconds, almost a second faster than the top fuel motorcycle record. (EDIT, by the way, when the rocket launches his legs come up. He doesn't do that; the 1.96 G acceleration does it.) Another edit - I missed the water trike in the source - same driver, but over 5G acceleration! Yeehaw!


You can't be that dense

River Euphrates: Here - let me google that for you: http

Here - let me google that for you:


yep, some killer stuff !!


Yes. Incredibly, they are called "top fuel drag bikes". Bet you couldn't have guessed that, could you...??

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NO, Two motorcycles racing each other down a straight line is boring. But there is MotoGP where the riders are going around turns is more exciting.