Motorcycle Swansong?

Been riding/racing motorcycles most of my life and at this age and time the 'party' seems to be ending. Haven't ridden my bikes for months due to a number of things. So does anyone have a swansong to fly away with? Years ago did a short vid about riding dirt with Allman Bros. 'Rememberance Of Elizibeth Reed' as the theme song but somehow lost that tape. ENJOYED RIDING all these years but the fun times have to stop so the pain doesn't.


Chris, I'm 73 and since retiring motorcycled all around the country to see the grandkids. Never had a true touring bike but cruisers and standards and they worked fine. Age is just a number, although it can seem like a big one, but you don't get old unless you choose to. My riding buddies, all retired, operate on the 50 mile rule. We don't stop for coffee, breakfast, etc., until we've ridden at least 50 miles. Might try something like that. Don't stop riding, just choose the appropriate bike for what you want to do. The new Himalayan is proving itself and the Piaggio MP3 350 is an excellent option if you want something simpler and lighter. The local dealer (Arizona) can't keep them in stock.

Tim D

Piaggio MP3 350 looks more attractive. Not foolproof but less likely to dump you on your backside. Not going to play AC/DC or Motorhead while you are riding it but maybe a bit of Bob Marley or Primal Scream.


Sell the bikes and move on with your life. Time to get a 2019 Mustang V8 or backpack Bali and Sulawesi for a year.


My dad is 67 and still rides a Kawasaki W800 even during the winter so why can't you? You should have taken better care of yourself. However, here is a swansong to remind you of your youth.